Machine Shop in Biddeford Maine

Whenever a part is broken or a mechanical repair is needed, our repair shop is ready to work!  

Welders in Biddeford Maine

Portable or in-house welders ready for metal repair! Welders in Maine can expertly repair, fabricate or weld any fixtures. Maine Outpost Company is offering a range of welding services for different types of metal.

Maine Outpost Machine Shop is an equipped welding shop with professional welders. Welding is a fundamental service that operates with many machinist capabilities and fabrication development.

We offer welding in Maine for locals who are in need of TIG, MIG, Shielded Metal Arc Welding and plasma cutting. Our welding services meet customers specification to weld metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and steel. Get a quality welding expert at an affordable rate! You will be happy to see the cleanest and strongest freehand welds in Maine and New England.

Milling Machine Shop In Biddeford Maine

Quality milling services for metal and parts fabrication. The manual milling machine service is a process system that uses a rotating cutting bit. It removes materials from a work-piece when cut from an angle. Manual milling services work as a machining process to create a curved, flat, or complex material surface. 

Turning machine Shop In Biddeford Maine

Manual turning services for customers in need of a unique one-off part for an assembly or repair. Maine Outpost Company turning services operates a form of machining used to create rotating parts by cutting away at the material. Our station is equipped with a turning lathe, work-piece materials, fixtures, and cutting tools. Materials we can turn consist of light metals, hard metals, plastics, and wood. Our machinists offer service to individuals in need of an affordable machine shop fabrication service.

What is Manual Turning?
The process of manual turning involves the use of a cutting tool to shape work-pieces while the system moves in operation. The lathe operator must supervise the process when in motion. Our engine lathe can complete a variety of work-piece jobs at our machine shop in Maine. You can produce many different shapes and effects on materials you need to create assembly parts, affordable repairs, one-off work-pieces, and prototyping! 

Machinist Repair Biddeford Locals Depend On

Maine Outpost machine shop services operates as an industrial and residential repair service for the New England area. Welders, machinists, milling specialists, and metal turning operators are here to help fabricate a functional solution for any metal related inquiry. Metal repair inquiries can be damages such as broken appliance repair, auto body repair, antique restoration, small parts repair, and metal fabrication. Locals in Maine, Waterboro, Sanford, Portland, Saco and Kennebunkport are glad to have a community driven company that delivers satisfactory demand for any metal related problem at home or in a place of business. Maine Outpost Company is focused on affordable prices and your specialized service requests. Learn more about our machine shop services near Saco ME!